Meet The Management

Todd Dondlinger

Lincoln, Nebraska, Terminal Manager

Todd first started working with Johnsrud as a Driver and now is our Terminal Manager in Lincoln, Nebraska. He really enjoys going home at the end of the day knowing he and his Johnsrud Team made a difference. On the job, Todd especially loves hearing stories of the past from some of our older drivers. Daily challenges come with the territory of working in the trucking industry, but Todd loves that, and he loves being able to fix problems for his team every day.

Although his favorite state is Texas, Todd is originally from Hallam, Nebraska, making him a natural-born Nebraska Cornhuskers fan. He is also a firefighter, and in previous years was part of the team’s scuba dive rescue team.

Greg Cook 

Maintenance Director

Greg currently serves as our Maintenance Director and has been with Johnsrud since 1991.  He has held positions in the Dispatch and Safety Departments and Equipment Acquisition over the years. Greg loves coming into work knowing that the work he and his teammates do is outside the box, focusing on quality and performance. He believes the Johnsrud team is making a difference industry-wide doing the work we do. Greg likes the friendly, professional atmosphere where everyone is called by their name, not “the guy in tractor 34414”.

Although he’s convinced he hasn’t grown up yet, Greg grew up in Missouri. He now lives in Iowa with his pampered pooch, a yellow lab named Hugger who has succeeded in training her handler. In his free time, Greg enjoys riding his motorcycle, especially to take a road trip through North Carolina or Tennessee, his favorite states.

Don Depee

West Fargo, North Dakota, Terminal Manager

Don Depee has been with Johnsrud for several years, however, he doesn’t think he can call it work if he enjoys it so much. He especially loves being able to meet and work with so many different types of people. The variety of his job takes him on a new adventure every day. Don appreciates that every driver at Johnsrud brings a special skill to the job and is always ready to help when called.

Don is from Mandan, North Dakota, which happens to be his favorite state because you can get the full effects of all four seasons there, from 115 degrees to 14 degrees below zero. His favorite football team is the Philadelphia Eagles, whose quarterback, Carson Wentz, is from North Dakota. In his free time, you can find Don exploring the trails on his 4 wheeler.


leon johnsrud - founder

Leon Johnsrud

Leon, the founder of Johnsrud Transport Inc., started the company with one truck in the early 60’s. His passion has always been the people of Johnsrud and the trucking industry. A lot of things have changed since he first started the company, but professionalism and quality service will always be the core values of the company he founded. He enjoys talking with the older drivers, reminiscing about trucking years ago and the challenges they faced when air conditioning and dependable heating were a luxury.

Leon grew up in Schley, Iowa, where his father owned a cheese factory. It was during his time working there where he got his start in trucking, hauling milk to the cheese factory. Working with his father in the cheese factory taught him the importance of sanitation in the food industry and the food-grade standards that need to be met.

jackie johnsrud - president

Jackie Johnsrud
President & CEO

Jackie has been working with Johnsrud all her life, but has technically been on the payroll since 1989. After graduating with degree in Finance, Jackie came to Johnsrud to help out and grew to love the industry. She has held most positions at Johnsrud and now serves as the President and CEO of Johnsrud Transport, Inc. She enjoys the challenge of collaborating with the team and finding new ways to make Johnsrud better and better. Her favorite part about Johnsrud is having great customers and working with great people who help carry on the legacy her father Leon started. She learns something every day from the employees she calls family. Her favorite part about the trucking industry is how important trucking is to the American public. Jackie is a current member of Iowa Motor Truck Association Board of Directors and a former Chairman of the Board of Directors

Doug Adams
General Manager

Doug has been working for Johnsrud since 1984 making him the longest serving employee, next to the founder. He has held almost every job possible on our team, including Driver, Tank Wash Manager, Service Manager, Dispatcher, Sales Manager, Chief Skid Loader Operator, and today he carries the title of General Manager. In every position, Doug has loved working with the Johnsrud team to create new ideas that will help the ever changing needs of our customers. The customers and the people at Johnsrud are who make him come into work every morning because he considers them family after so many years. Doug also prides himself in working with the Johnsrud drivers because he finds that they are true professionals who debunk the trucker stereotype every day with their skills and professional attitude.