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Johnsrud Transport, Inc., has been serving the bulk food grade industry for over 40 years and is a recognized leader in the transport of bulk liquids for the food industry. We are headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, with terminals and wash facilities in Lincoln, Nebraska, and West Fargo, North Dakota. Our service spans 48 states and Canada. Johnsrud tanks are stainless steel, well-insulated, and equipped with in-transit heat. When transporting temperature-sensitive products, providing top-quality equipment ensures that your product will maintain its quality from dispatch through delivery.

We are quality-focused and promise professionalism and safety on every load. Our drivers are uniformed to represent Johnsrud in a professional manner. Products are delivered safely and on time and we maintain regular contact with our drivers in order to provide customers with frequent updates on load status and equipment availability.


Our story

Professional Food-Grade Transport Services

After more than five decades in trucking, the Johnsrud family business, Johnsrud Transport Inc. was acquired by Cliff Viessman Inc, in 2018. Viessman, a family-owned business headquartered in Gary, SD, and Johnsrud share similar history and values, making them an ideal partnership. The companies operate under their respective trade names of Viessman and Johnsrud. They continue to build upon their joint legacy of service, driven by long-term partnerships with employees, customers, and vendors.


Our staff

Meet our
Leadership Team


Ryan Viessman

Ryan, the Director of Operations for Cliff Viessman Trucking, added President of Johnsrud Transport upon the sale of Johnsrud Transport to Cliff Viessman Trucking. Ryan offices out of Viessman’s corporate headquarters in Gary, SD, but regularly makes the trip to Des Moines to stay connected with the Johnsrud team.


Doug Adams
General Manager

Doug has been working for Johnsrud since 1984 making him the longest serving employee. He has held nearly every job possible on our team which makes him the perfect fit for the title of General Manager.


Meet Our
Dispatch Team

This group of professionals average over 23 years dispatching for Johnsrud Transport. Because of that, they rarely encounter an issue they can’t handle promptly. They work well with our drivers and as a team and we are particularly proud of them.


Pat Pollard


Scott Darr


Don Brandon


Jim Bane


Joe Hadley

Meet The
Safety Director


John Solinger

Fueled by experience, knowledge and attention to detail, John’s commitment to the wellbeing of our personnel and workplace safety is bar none. Fun fact: John reports to work each day in Middle, TN.


Meet The
Maintenance Managers


Greg Cook
Maintenance Director


Gary Phippen
Assistant Maintenance Director

Equipment today is sophisticated and expensive and Greg and Gary operate an aggressive, preventative maintenance program. Each vehicle regularly undergoes scheduled inspections and maintenance. When alerts from drivers or the truck’s software are received, Greg and Gary swiftly address the issue. This team works closely with drivers, dispatch and service providers to ensure downtime is minimal.


Quality Control / Tank Washes

Johnsrud tank washes are equipped with food-grade wash systems and industry-leading quality control procedures, all executed by an experienced staff. As a carrier of kosher goods, certified by the Orthodox Union, Johnsrud Transport maintains a commitment to product integrity and food safety.


For food-grade quality washes, contact any one of our three locations today. Call for product limitations (food grade only).

Kim King

7100 Amanda Road
Lincoln, NE 68507

(402) 464-0577

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Rjay Wyant

200 S.E. 34th Street
Des Moines, IA 50317

(515) 263-8265

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Don Depee

1711 4th Avenue NW
West Fargo, ND 58078

(701) 281-8265

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Our history

The Johnsrud Legacy

Johnsrud Transport, Inc., has been serving the bulk food grade industry for over 50 years. It all began with one man—Leon Johnsrud—and one truck in the 60’s. Leon established the high standard of service and professionalism you’ll experience with Johnsrud. He also created a family atmosphere where longevity and teamwork are the cornerstone.

Leon passed on his love for trucking to his children, Stuart and Jackie.

Stuart Johnsrud, an intelligent, pragmatic and genuinely nice person, started his career at Johnsrud while in college. Stuart held many different positions at the Big J and was a constant source of encouragement to anyone he worked with. Stuart was diagnosed a diabetic at age 3 and died prematurely from diabetic complications at age 52. The legacy of Stuart’s indomitable spirit remains a part of the fabric of Johnsrud.

Jackie Johnsrud came to the Big J after graduating with a degree in finance. She held most positions at Johnsrud, finishing her career with Johnsrud as President and CEO. Jackie valued working with great people who carried on the legacy her father, Leon, started and considered the employees family. She championed respect and high regard for the professional truck driver while serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Iowa Motor Truck Association.

While the business, Johnsrud Transport Inc, was acquired by Cliff Viessman Inc in 2018, the Johnsrud name and the “Big J” logo continue to be used as a nod to honor the legacy Leon, Stuart and Jackie built over 50 years in trucking.


Delivering The World

This sculpture was a gift to the Iowa Motor Truck Association from the employees of Johnsrud in honor of their founder, Leon Johnsrud. The employees thought it was fitting to give something back to honor Leon’s legacy in the trucking industry and his unwaivering belief in all the people who work in the industry. Every day, millions of men and women deliver the products we use on a daily basis. They bring products to us made in the USA and those made in far reaching areas of the globe. This art piece titled “Delivering the World” was created by Des Moines sculptor John Brommel, and was dedicated in the Fall of 2014. The sculpture sits at the front entrance to the IMTA located at 717 East Court Avenue in Des Moines, Iowa