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Professionals Food-Grade Transport Services

Johnsrud Transport, Inc., is a recognized leader in the transport of bulk liquids for the food industry. Known for being quality-focused, we promise professionalism and safety on every load.



We will maintain the integrity of products transported through the integrity of our service. As an Orthodox Union Kosher-certified transport company, our Johnsrud terminals are equipped with washing systems to ensure the highest level of cleanliness.

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What Makes Driving
For Us Special.

Close Knit Community

We are a tightly knit group that focuses on building the best environment to work in. There are no surprises; what you see is what you get.

Simplified and Consistent Pay

If you’re logged on, you’re getting paid. Not just for driving, but for layovers, detentions, breakdowns and even canceled loads.

Driver Longevity

Our average driver sticks with Johnsrud Transport for over 7 years, but we have drivers that have been with us over 20 years.


Driving Opportunities at Johnsrud Transport

Our service spans 48 states and Canada, transporting products such as vegetable oils, juices, glycerin and dairy products. When you join the Johnsrud Team, you will gain people that care about you and your time. To experience that, contact us now and we will reply to you shortly.

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Respect for your home time
Hourly or Mileage pay
Training so you excel in your career
Friendly and positive work environment


What Our Staff And
Drivers Say:

Johnsrud Transport is a great company that has always been true to what they say. I’ve never been burned like at other companies. It’s a great place to work.


Regional Driver

I’ve been driving for over 18 years. There’s a lot of options for me. But I settled with Johnsrud Transport over a decade ago and will never leave.


OTR Driver

I can’t tell you how helpful it is to know I get paid when things happen outside of my control. Breakdowns and cancellations I still get paid on which is fantastic.


Local Driver